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We have been busy getting the house ready for a seven month absence as well as our new to us Mothership ready for our trip this year. I have included a few pictures of the new Mothership of which we are very proud. We really enjoyed the Hurricane and she served us well for the last four years but we needed more storage room and a higher quality coach for our long trips - the Phaeton fills those needs nicely.

We will be leaving tomorrow, April 2, on this year's adventure to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming as well as short stops to and from that area of the country from our home in Florida.

I had a bad fall Monday, Mar 21 - cracked one rib, bruised several others, sprained both wrists and feels like a partial tear of one rotator cuff (can't lift my right arm much past my waist on its own). It looked like it would delay our trip by a week or so, but with Doris taking up the slack, we managed to get everything done on the house necessary for our absence and the Mothership all packed and ready to go.

You can check out our tentative itinerary by clicking on the itinerary link on this trip's home page. I will be adding to it as we figure out when and where we will be going.

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