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on top of st peters!

girls on top of st peters!

us with swiss guards!

I havn't made any entries in forever because I have been trying to keep myself busy for my last weekend in Roma.

Last week monday I got really sick and after my presentation for Italian I had to leave class because I had a bad headache and felt like i had to throw up. The whole day i was lying in bed trying really hard not to throw up and holding my brain into my scull. I was glad that my roommate Sally was gone for the week so I didnt have to gross her out with my being sick. at one point I had to call my roommate Ariana so that she could bring me some water cause i hadnt eaten or drank anything the whole day and i knew that i needed to keep up my liquids. I tried to sleep all day and felt a little better the next day but i didnt get out of bed cause i still felt loopy and couldnt really walk in a straight line. i was able to make it to the bathroom but that was about it. I had to miss my classes and my travel writing teacher was obviously very upset in the e-mail she sent me back and practically begged me to come to class. I didnt want to be rude but i told her that if she wanted me to puke and get everyone else sick then i would come. then she sent me an email back saying "ok, i understand". and she showed her anger to my classmates and said that i didnt send her my paper, which she told me not to send her my rough draft. uuugh, whatever only one more week of this.

Wednesday I didnt do much either, still feeling a little hungover sick, I watched movies all day and listened to music videos. oh and Facebook of course haha.

So on thursday night we had an apertivo with the school and we went to this cool club where there was wine tasting. We all ate and drank and had a good time and after we all went to this place in campo de fiori called Mood. There we hung out until the music got good and then we all went on the dance floor. it was a good night with all the girls! Everyone else except delia christina and I left early. the three of us wanted to keep dancing! Then christina and I left together to try to get home a little early but we kept getting distracted and trying to get on the right night bus to get home. Christina liked talking to all the italian guys, they were very entertaining, ill give her that but I just wanted to get home. First we ended up getting on a bus going the wrong way and I was like, hmmmm we are definitely not going to termini so we got off and ran to the other bus going the opposite way. so we finally got to termini and we had to wait for the N1 bus and it started getting really cold. We waited for awhile but we decided to go into termini and get breakfast and then grab the metro because it was opening soon. that meant that trying to get home early meant us getting home around 6am.....

The next day, friday I woke up early to intense honking outside my window. "ok!ok! ill get up... geeze." I said to nobody in particular. I got up and went to the grocery store, cleaned and attempted to study but by the time i got my books open, my roommates told me that the girls were ready to head to the vatican to go up to the cupola. the walk up wasnt that bad but it was very narrow stairwells and windy and at one point we were leaning because we were walking between the dome and the roof! the view from the top was fantastic you could see very far and the sun was setting and sending shadows over the city.

That night we headed to testaccio to one of our favorite clubs, cyote, where the music is great but the italian guys are kinda annoying. we all took care of each other though and had a great time. that morning delia and i got distracted while eating out cornetto breakfast and i didnt get home until the sun was coming up around 7!! the next day I slept until 2 and didnt feel like studying or anything (im a horrible student) later we all went out for a cheap pizza. I wasnt feeling up for another late night out so I went home early. It kinda took me awhile to get home but im glad that i am good with directions cause i was able to find my way to termini from where the bus dropped me off. I got home and went straight to bed!

Sunday I got up early and went to porta portese which is this huuuuuge flea market. I tried to find my way to the end but after a half hour of walking still didnt find the ending. I met up with practically the whole school there and stayed with delia and ariana. we didnt leave till around 2pm and didnt get home until 4! thats when I tried really hard to study and I got a little bit done but not that much... I ended up watching a really bad movie before going to bed- my girlfriends boyfriend.

Now this week I have my exams! AHH! I just want to pass all of my class which i think i can do with not too much trouble.

I am getting excited to head home on saturday, not for the snow or for my parents house but to see my family and friends!! Im going to be really exhausted though because I have my Rome bucket list and I still have to pack and clean the apartment!

Ok, time to do some studying. See you soon!

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