Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

We watched many sea planes landing on the water in the bay

Hiro riding through Stanley Park

Native Totem poles within the park

Taking in the beautiful scenery looking over to the North of Vancouver

Hiro taking a break on one of the beaches in the park

View heading over to Granville Island

And the view riding back

Capilano Suspension bridge

Hiro on the bridge

View from the bridge

Lexi doing the treetop walk throuh the forest

Found a new boyfriend. A much cuddlely one!

The steep climb on the Grouse Grind

Brown Bear at the santuary on top of Grouse Mountain

Beautiful view from the top, well worth the hike up here.

After the madness of Mexico City we have landed in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver. We both agreed that it is the most liveable city that we have visited on our trip. If we were to live outside Australia or Japan, this is the place we would move to. Vancouver is beautifully located around picturesque mountain ranges and bay. It is very safe and a clean city with very friendly people. We didn’t even see one dirty or dodgy area in this city, which is very unusual for the city of this size. Public Transport is excellent with the state-of-art Sky Train system. It is also a very multicultural place and we love that there are so many Japanese restaurants in the city! We walked along the main street and saw at least 20 Japanese restaurants. Hiro tried Ramen noodles from a very busy shop and it was best noodles he’s ever had outside Japan. Parks are everywhere and amazingly beautiful. Vancouver just seems to have everything we need for our life, from beautiful parks and beaches to cool shopping areas and markets.

This city is best explored on bikes. We hired a bike and rode around the city. We biked through Stanley Park and it was the best experience in Vancouver. Riding a bike through colour-changing trees and along beautiful beaches made us appreciate our life. How lucky we are to do these things. Riding a bike, something so simple, was so much fun! We kept riding over a bridge to a little island called Granville Island where a big fresh produce and handcrafts markets are located. After travelling for so long eating packet or take-away food all the time, we always get so excited to see fresh produces. This market even has a stock shop just selling all different types of stocks. Lexi enjoyed a salmon and vegetable soup from this shop, and Hiro also loved his beef pot pie in the market.

On another day we explored the north mountain side of Vancouver. First we visited Capilano Suspension bridge. Crossing this 70m-high bridge over beautiful valley was thrilling but fun. Lexi got scared half way through as it was swaying a lot, but she made it. We kept going up to Grouse Mountain and walked up the very steep trail to the top. This trail is called Grouse Grind and very challenging trail. Most people go up the mountain by a cable car but we decided to challenge it. It took us 1 hour 20mins and sore legs, but it was splendid experience to go through beautiful deep forest with big rocks. Great views of surrounding snow-covered mountain ranges welcomed us once we made it to the top. We saw a few Grizzly Bears in the sanctuary near the top, they were huge and scary. Even it was a fenced area, it made Hiro jump when a bear unexpectedly was coming out from the bush he was walking along.

We are now heading down south back into the US, our next stop will be Seattle!

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