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cap riddles keep senior minds sharp














Isn't this cute?


Our buddy - donkey!


Traveling to the trailhead

Blooming octillo



Day 2 for Corky(same trail)

Will I survive this escapade?

Trail moves on down to the wash


Oh, a fairly level portion of the trail

More of the trail!

Buds waiting to burst open

a pristine saguaro skeleton



Check out the iron stove

Separate small "out" inclosure

The trail continues...



I'm about ten days behind on this journal. Saying so long to fellow RV'ers in the form of socializing dominated our time. Desert golf, going out to eat, trying not to miss a happy hour, those all important girl trips to Yuma, and desert trips-you just have to get it all in one more time. It creates good memories and leaves our minds anticipating next year.

The pictures show the blooming desert. There is no well defined geometrical landscaping; rather, subtle colors dabbed on a watercolor canvas. Despite the treacherous hike we took the desert colors were beautiful. Just guess why we made this journey into oblivion?! I had saved the customary household chores to be done the day before pulling out. Nothing would do but to accompany him on a cell phone search and rescue mission. The day before the men had come back from this very same excursion claiming to be beat! By the looks of Corky's body he had taken quite a spill-nothing serious just banged up. I wasn't feeling very benevolent, grumbling under my breath "what if I'd been the one to loose the phone, this has messed up my domestic plans, etc".

Soon, I found out my knees were even more unhappy; I was silently wishing for an airlift out-ha! The "trail" could be classified as primitive, judge for yourself. Yes, little twerp(she knows who she is), my knees are "1932'; well beyond the teeter-toter movements needed to maneuver boulders. We went in at 0900 hours, returning just prior to happy hour time.

It's a good thing the gang went to Mtn Quail for dinner. One apple and three bottles of water were the only sustenance that day! The whole scenario was too ridiculous to be grumbly for too long!!

Leaving Quartzsite on AZ 95N was a pleasant ride watching for terrain changes and watching the temps decrease. 88 degrees to 68 degrees is a bit chilly. The Golden Nugget RV lot is home for tonight. In fact, their prime rib dinner quite hit the spot. Have you ever had jalapeno poppers stuffed with shrimp? Um,um, good! Follow along tomorrow via the map. The route is US 95N, Fremont Street, Las Vega, home to $1.00 margarita's and $1.00 shrimp cocktail. We shall see!

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