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Wall Drug

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Since we stayed in Wall, South Dakota we made the mandatory stop at Wall Drug, likely the most famous drug store in the world and touted as the largest. It is one huge tourist trap but I recalled visiting here with my parents many years ago so it was fun stopping in.

We left Wall and head to Mount Rushmore. It was actually a bit disappointing. The ride there was great but the town of Keystone, just outside the park boundry, is as touristy as it gets.

When you arrive a Mount Rushmore you are greeted by a set of toll gates outside a multi-level concrete parkade. You could be at an urban mall if you didn't know any better. The mountain itself is impressive but smaller than I expected.

After leaving Mount Rushmore we headed to Crazy Horse Mountain where another mountain is being carved away to commemorate the indian cheif Crazy Horse. It has been underway for many many years and partially complete. Another set of toll gates looking for another $12.00 bucks. We could see the monument from the road so decided to pass on the toll. I figure we'll come back once it's finished.

The next stop was Deadwood, the famouse town where Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane hund out. Once again we found it to be as touristy as it gets with casinos on every corner and very little authentic "Old West" apparent. We viewed a short video on the town's history which included a large portion dedicated to the "Renewal effort" in the 1980's & 90's that brought in casinos to attract tourists.

We decided to head to Sturgis, which is home to one of the largest motorcycle ralley's in the world. We were not really interested in Sturgis but it was on the way and being off season, should have some cheaper rooms available, which we did find.

I know I sound less than enthused about our day of sightseeing in the Black Hills of South Dakota. In fairness the area is beautiful and the roads are a dream to ride on a motorcycle. The "touristy thing" is well suited to the masses and I am sure a lot of people love it. It is just not for us.

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