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Today was a travel day, from Carlsbad, New Mexico to Amarillo, Texas.

Marilyn & I were awake early for our morning coffee and then scurried around getting things ready for departure. We had a very nice trip, driving 295 miles in 5 hours and 20 minutes. We had a tailwind much of the way which resulted in an overall 11.4 mpg.

That was great!!

We pulled out of the Carlsbad KOA at 7:45 AM and arrived at the Oasis RV Resort at 1:05 PM. We kept our clocks and watches on Central time, even though we were in Mountain time while in Carlsbad.

The weather was good as were the highways. Nearly all of the trip was on 4 lane highways. Our route took us north through Roswell, where we noticed that the streetlights were painted to look like Aliens, or at least what we normally think Aliens look like.

Highway 70 east took us from Roswell, through Portales and Clovis.

Marilyn continued to read to me, from Ted Gray’s book, “Shades of Texas”. That kept both of us entertained and the trip seemed to go pretty fast.

Our fuel stop was at Clovis, NM and the diesel cost $2.199 per gallon. Marilyn picked up some cookies and beef jerky while I was fuelling the truck.

At Herford, Texas, we turned north on Hwy 385 and drove 25 miles to I-40, where we turned east toward Amarillo.

The Oasis RV Resort is at Exit 60.

The Oasis RV Resort is a very nice place to stay.

They have new level, concrete pads, 72’ x 40’, with an extra concrete patio, full hookups, more than 40 channels of Cable TV, Free Wi-Fi, and one more thing, Free Laundry!

This is a new resort and does not have trees yet, but everything appears to be first class.

What is the cost, you ask! How would you like to have all of the amenities I mentioned above, plus a nice Rec Hall, etc, at a cost of $17.50 per night. That is for our 36’ 5th wheel. Rick & Sherry have a smaller RV and they paid only $15.00 per night. I'm sure that cost will increase at some point, but for now, it is a real bargain.

We called Rick & Sherry when we were about one hour away, and they asked if we needed anything from WalMart, because they were making a trip for supplies.

We were all set up within 30 minutes after arriving, and saw Rick & Sherry drive in. We are parked right next door to these good friends.

We have agreed to go out tonight, for dinner.

We have many choices as to places to go and things to see, but the weather is cold and windy, so we may stay close to home for a bit.

So, there isn’t much to write about today. Travel days are not normally an adventure and that’s the way we like it. If travel days become an adventure, we are having problems.

So tonight we’ll enjoy dinner with good friends, and we’ll wait until morning to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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