Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

We thought we might have chance to catch up on some sleep after the early morning rises on the Colca Canyon trip but it was not to be. The seats on the Cruz del Sur bus weren't as comfy (not fully reclining) as on the OrmeƱo bus. Not only that but they put a film on with what they thought was English subtitles but was actually the Directors comments to the film 'School of Rock'. After the film the whole bus played bingo then sang karaoke before another film in Spanish but with no subtitles this time.

We checked into a hostel before heading out to a trusty restaurant 'traditionales de lago' which translates to Traditions of the Lake, so you'd guess we'd eat trout caught from Lake Titicaca but we opted for steak and chips.

Didn't stay long in Puno, we have been twice already.

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