We were happy to make it to the top...:-)

We wanted to ride the scenic gondola but they were closed..

Going down from the top was fast and easy..:-)

It was another wowser drive in Colorado...

Another old mine, we see a lot of them in Colorado...

We were glad we didn't have to use one of these...:-)

Buena Vista in our view, we are surrounded by mountains as high...

We got a nice site on the end ....still getting set up..

A small stream running behind our site....

Last one!

Today was a travel day, we are now in Buena Vista, CO. We drove about 150 miles, the hardest part was crossing Monarch Pass. We went from 7,000 feet to over 11,000 in seven miles. This one was worse than the pass going into Skagway, Alaska. :-)

They had several runaway ramps in case trucks lost control, I can see why they were needed.

We were glad they had a lot of pull offs large enough for our RV pulling the car. We had to stop and let ours cool once about five miles into the pass. We let the engine cool for about 30 minutes, it was fine for the rest of the trip.

We are very happy to be in Buena Vista surrounded by beautiful mountains, about ten of them are as high or higher than Pike’s Peak. We will be exploring and adding a lot of photos later. Check back later for more from Buena Vista.

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