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One of the rest stops on the way

It is so green

These animals are all hand carved

You can even ride a salmon

Our newest campground

Bringing in the fish

This is one of the smaller catches

Boats are everywhere

Some body lives here

Don't you just love the grill?

We slept like logs last night and when we woke up we were surrounded by fog. It probably was a good thing cuz it made it easier for us to leave. If it had been nice and sunny out, we might have stayed for a week. Never have we felt so secluded and alone with nature.

Our journey took us further along the Seward Highway but instead of going all the way to Seward, we decided to do that on our way back and instead took the Steward highway to Homer. The Steward Highway is narrow and winding and follows the Kenai River almost all the way. What a beautiful River. It is just as green as can be and plum full of fisherman since that is the best salmon fishing in the world (so we are told).

We did not stop for a lot of pictures because it was still so foggy but we promise to get them on our way back. We will be sure that we travel on a sunny day that day. There are many small towns along the way that we want to check out on our return.

Just before you get to Homer, you see the Aleutian Mountain Range. There are no roads to that area so unless you fly or boat, you don't get any closer. He pulled into the Ocean View RV Park and fortunately, we got the last place that was big enough for us to fit into. There were some more if we were only staying for the night but they have a caravan coming in tomorrow so we really lucked out. The campground is just fine and has full hook ups for $35.00 per night. I am starting to put prices down because of all the requests we have been getting from our readers. That is something I don't usually do but I know how important it is for many of you. Homer is also the first place in Alaska that has charged us a sales tax. It is 6.5%. Must be a city thing.

After setting up, we drove down the Homer Spit. By now, we have reached the END of the Road. Yup, that is far south and you can drive in Alaska by car. Anywhere else and you have to get there by ferry or plane. It is pretty awesome. Homer says it's the "Fishing Capital of the World" and we agree. Fishing is serious business here. There are places everywhere where you can charter a boat and go out for full days or half days. There are places that cut and freeze your fish. There are places that ship your fish for you and there are places that can you fish for you.

Bill and I are having a real struggle with ourselves. We really would like to go out fishing but we have not been able to justify the $400-$500 it would cost to get the fish that we do not have any room for. Now I'm talking about one fish weighing 50 lbs or more and our entire freezer doesn't even hold 10 pounds. Less if we have ice cubes in it. It looks like we may have to be satisfied with buying some halibut from the local market in small quantities instead.

Anyway, we sure had a good time walking along the Spit and talking to some of the fishermen. It is an incredible sight. This is so awesome.

By the time we left the spit, we just had to have some fish so we stopped at a little place that advertised all you could eat crab. That sounded really good to me. The place was really crowded but we waited our turn and soon I was ordering the snow crab for $27.95. I really wanted the King Crab but that was $54.95 and there is no way I would ever order something that costs that much. Especially when you couldn't even get a doggie bag to bring home. Much to our surprise, there were two tables next to us where everyone ordered it. (about a dozen people) Somebody must have a very rich uncle. I am sure the bill was close to $1000 by the time they all finished. I had warned the waitress that I could eat a lot of crab but it took awhile for me to get seconds, and then it was a small portion. Guess they were too busy with the King Crab party. Bill had ordered Halibut that was served on a bed of apples. He said the fish was good but was overpowered by the cinnamon in the apples. Next time he just wants the fish by itself. All in all, it was good but I did feel a little cheated even though I got plenty to eat. Guess I really didn't need to pig out, but I sure wanted to.

When we got back to the campground, the otters were playing in the bay. Can't wait for tomorrow......................................

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