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Arrived in Melbourne at 6:15 after quite a good flight (if you can call a long haul flight good). No problems with immigration or customs, and we were soon at the departures area for domestic,

.This is where the problems started. We had been told we would need to check our cases in for the Hobart flight, so we found a bag drop area and saw that people used their boarding passes to retrieve their details and to print the bag tags . So J put his bag on the conveyer and commenced answering the on screen questions. He then realised the tag from Lisbon was still on the bag, and made a split second decision to remove it ( worrying that it might confuse the baggage system. He pulled it off and before a new one printed, the machine whizzed the bad in and in seconds it was gone with no tag. Panic!!

Luckily the was a Qantas person who helped us. She said that the bag would turn up eventually, if not today, then tomorrow. She said that the small bar code sticker might help. She sorted the second bag, and rang the baggage people to get them to keep an eye out for the bag.

Then we made our way via security to our gate, and within a couple of minutes we were boarded.

Big question - what would we find in Hobart? One bag or two? Well, we were lucky as they both arrived!

A few comms problems with the phone, but we got in touch with no.1 son who arrived soon after to collect us.

Finally home after nearly 7 weeks of fun and discovery. J, C and I hope you enjoyed reading about our travels and seeing some pictures. Thanks to everyone who sent messages and emails. We enjoyed getting them. Until next time, goodbye!

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