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The route from Tucson to the RV show in Quartzite takes us through Phoenix and we stopped by to see our old friend Carole who traveled to Africa with us a few months ago. After many years of working together and traveling the world with our students, we spent many years apart. But some relationships are easy to pick up where they left off. Carole lives just south of the Superstition Mountains and another one of our favorite camping spots is Lost Dutchman State Park on the western side of those mountains. During our last visit with Carole the mountains were a sometimes insurmountable barrier to making plans with our cell phones, but services have improved.

Apache Junction is a few miles east of Lost Dutchman and this town has over 10,000 campsites. We know that when we visit Carole we can always camp close by, but the campgrounds in AJ have people wedged in like sardines. The spacious and scenic state park is the place to be. Many people agree and we felt lucky to get a site for our short stop here. The park has converted the overflow campground into a regular one since we were here last and the new overflow lot had people camped there, too.

The view of the Superstition Mountains in the state park is just as dramatic as the one we had in Tucson at Catalina. It’s also a great place to hike and the weather continues to be cooperative - bright and sunny every day and warm enough to hike without getting sweaty. It rained so much here last month that Carole discovered she had a leak in her roof, but now this means that the desert vegetation is lush and green.

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