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one section of the trail is typical of the whole thing

one of many tree-hugging plants

nursery log doing well

sampling of birds and gators in lettuce pond

2 babies in this picture

roseate spoonbills have a pretty body

immature black-crowned night heron

sleeping - it is day!

wood storks roost in trees also

bromeliads abound

nice-looking female cardinal

red-shouldered hawk

too funny!

gators do move!

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how the spoonbill feeds

Chic, Marilyn, and I took a small road trip to this park that has been designated by the National Park Service in 1964 to walk the boardwalk loop and see what birds and critters were left at the only pond with water in it. The rains that we got this winter did not fall around Corkscrew for some strange reason.

We saw one or a few birds of many different species. They had a bird feeder just outside the visitor center where we could see some song birds and pigeons and such. But at that lettuce lake, we saw a roseate spoonbill, an Ibis and some immature ibises, a great blue heron, an immature black-crowned night heron, wood storks, a red-shouldered hawk, and a male and female cardinal. Of course, there were alligators of various ages and soft-shelled turtles. There were many blooming bromeliads on the trees and plants I don't know.

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