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Well, I finally got out of the dealership in Burlington, Washington around 3:00 after they discovered that the part for my spray port (water system) didn't make it in from Oregon for the second day in a row!

Their system sucks, but more about that in a later posting.

I was through the border in about 5 minutes (thanks Nexus) and should have been to Ladner about 4:00 accept for one last, humongous traffic jam leading up to the tunnel and the Ladner exit. It was "stop and go" for at least a half an hour before I got through it. (At least the weather was really nice for a change and I pulled in about 4:30.)

So, that's this trip in the books. It's not over yet because of the poor quality of the workmanship and materials put into the trailer that I have alluded to from time to time. It's so unbelievable that I have decided to chronicle my woes in another posting when I have more time and space. I have to return to Burlington for some major work in a few weeks when they gather some parts, argue some warranty stuff and find time in their shop!

If you're looking for a business to get into with a constant waiting list of customers, get into trailer repair!


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