What Is Happening with Daisy 2012 travel blog

This was a busy day. After exercise class Nancy and I went to H-E-B for a few grocery items. However, we ended up buying more than a few because there were several shopping baskets with deeply-discounted items. I bought several cans of vegetables for 25 cents each, plus some other items. It was quite a haul!

After dropping Nancy off at home, I had to hurry to get to my 1:00 o’clock appointment with my chiropractor. My muscles are still very tight but most of my back pain is from the Radio Frequency Neurotomy performed last Thursday. (The doctor says that it could be six weeks before I get relief. Ugh!!) My chiropractor recommended Enzyme Pforesis Ice Massage Gel to help relieve the pain so I bought a bottle of it.

The next item on my itinerary was lunch with Malia Lane. We went to Chuy’s to get our chili rellenos “fix” and had a nice visit. It was good to get caught up with each other.

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