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Next Sunday we will be back at El Montecito Presbyterian Church and I will be singing in the choir with all of my friends. I don’t wish away the days in between but I am really looking forward to being back!

It had stopped raining by this morning but it was very cold and damp outside. After breakfast I unhooked and we got ready to travel. We continued on 97 all the way to the border. Traffic was heavy all the way. We started on the highway shared with the trans-Canada. This was four lane divided with a 100 KPH speed limit. After a while it turned into two lanes. Then 97 split off to head south. That was two lanes with a 90 KPH speed limit and lots of slower curves.

We went through a rural stretch. Then we hit the Okanagan region which is the vacation land for all of Alberta. The highway was much better but it was jammed with vehicles in both directions. It seemed like every few minutes we had to slow down to go through another town. There were traffic lights galore and we had to stop for almost every one. It was no fun. Once we got past Kaleden the traffic was less but the road was full of curves and hills. It was impossible to pass slow vehicles. Only the last mile to the border was easy to drive – everyone else had turned onto BC 3.

At the border there were three lines of vehicles. It only took about 15 minutes to get up to the customs officer. She was very friendly and only asked about things bought in Canada. However, when she was done and handed us back our passports she said that all RVs had to stop ahead for an agriculture inspection. That officer asked about produce. Evelyn had a pepper, a tomato, and a potato that she classified as suspect. She came inside the RV while we sat there and looked to be sure that we hadn’t forgotten anything. Then she walked away with those three things and said “have a good trip.” Evelyn said that her plans for supper were totally ruined.

Inside the USA we continued south on US 97 as far as Tonaskat where we took WA 20 east. We chose this route because it was more scenic and more rural than Can 3. It was a nice 2 lane 60 MPH road that twisted and climbed up through two ranges of mountains. The highest point was 4475 feet above sea level. Along the lines of “what goes up must come down,” we also descended those mountains for mile after mile in second gear. We started out in very dry desert conditions and were soon in lush forests. Apparently we began in the rain shadow of the Cascades but climbed up to where the mountains catch the clouds again. This route was a good choice.

WA 20 ends at US 395. I want to take US 395 from here all the way to CA 14 where it splits off to go to Mojave. We drove a little way down to Kettle Falls and found a RV park that is listed in our Woodall’s directory. It is a small park behind a small motel. There is space between sites and lots of grass. The restrooms are clean. We are in good shape. A funny thing – it was pitched black outside by about 8:00 PM. We have come far south of the land of the midnight sun!

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