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Driving north of Los Angels, lovely green hills

During the winter months our Southern California hills are lush and green.

Nearing the Fillmore and Santa Paula area our views were of orchards...

Orange grove

View of the valley from our campground

Our local entertainment

Wild Peacocks and Peahens were everywhere

They are not afraid of us

Another male doing his mating dance for the ladies

They like to dig a slight depression and lay in the shade

And they lie to perch on anything to show off their tails

Communication dishes nestled in the Orange Groves

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Male Peacock doing his mating dance.

We enjoyed our sunny drive up to Santa Paula in Ventura County, 65 miles north of Los Angeles. I love the Southern California hills in the winter months when we get our rains. The hills are lush green and so pretty.

We began to see lots of fruit orchards, grapevines and strawberry fields in rich agricultural Santa Clara River Valley.

Our campground, Ventura Far West KOA, is next to a county park with a bird preserve. Years ago some of the peacocks escaped the preserve confines and multiplied throughout the hills. They have many dozens of them in this campground and you have to watch where you walk as they mess all over the walkways. They perch on any railings and the roofs of the restroom buildings. They even congregate on the roofs of RV's. One morning our friend had 5 peacocks on his roof and he was annoyed, fearing that he would have to go up and wash his roof before he left that weekend.

It was very interesting to watch the males do their mating dance in a group of females. The sound of the tail feathers vibrating is much louder than we expected. His tail goes up and he starts shaking his wings against his body and the colorful tail feathers start to vibrate. He watches the females and then slowly turns to make sure they are watching his display of color. They really have gorgeous colors.

As a group we enjoyed group meals, playing bingo and cards, and going for walks. We walked up the road surrounded by orange groves to find "hidden" in the orchard some very large satellite communication dishes. I'll bet that orchard farmer gets pretty good rent from that communications company.

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