Blue People, Red State - Winter 2010 travel blog

Many of the folks we meet here at Tropic Star have been coming here for years - some for as long as 25 years. They wear name tags commemorating this accomplishment, with little dangles hanging from the bottom, one dangle for each year they've been here. It doesn't take a long conversation to determine that they have never been anywhere else, not even in the RGV (Rio Grande Valley). They came here the first winter they fled the frozen north, liked it, and kept coming back. Perhaps they visited other campgrounds here - maybe not. They are only slightly different than the folks we have left behind at home, who don't like to travel at all.

The first time we came to the RGV we stayed 45 minutes closer to the coast, thinking that we would enjoy some beach time, but it was too cold in January. The campground was old and small and we were very close to our neighbors after we finally got the trailer squished in. But we found that we kept driving west toward McAllen. This area was where many activities were centered and as well as the better shopping opportunities - hardware and electronics stores to be precise! We toured a number of campgrounds and thought the Tropic Star looked like an improvement.

This park is a bit more expensive than some, but only half or a third of the price of any similar park in Florida. It has many more activities than we ever could do and the people staying here are very friendly. Facilities are clean and everything is well organized. It's convenient to have a fixed address where the mail is delivered regularly and the FedEX and UPS man deliver right to our campsite. We also find a daily newspaper at the end of our site. We stayed here a month in 2007 and planned to stay for a month again. And before that month was over, we already began to get what trailer owners call "hitch itch." I don't know the equivalent terminology for motor home owners. It would be so easy to be complacent and start accumulating dangles.

But the weather forecast has induced us to renew for two more weeks. We plan to travel west to Big Bend National Park, which is at a higher elevation and posts more wintery temperatures than we have in the RGV. If only winter didn't last quite so long...

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