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Typical Bus Travel Scene, This One to Matagalpa

On Bus to Matagalpa in Mtns.

Closeup of Donkey in Mtns to Matagalpa

Tobacco Drying Shed on Way to Matagalpa...Only See 1/4th of It Here,There...

Longer View of One Shed, Tobacco is One of Nicaragua Major Crops

On Way to Matagalpa vis Esteli...Huge Rice Growing Area

More Rice

More Rice!

Still More Rice!

On the Way to Matagalpa, Horses are Patient Waiting to Cross...Countryside, Very...

Day Trip...Sign Into Selva Negra

One of Accomodations in Selva Negra, Begun By Germans in 1880 -...

Pond Across From Accomodation Pic, Shows Outside Restaurant

View of Church, Selva Negra Day Trip

Day Trip-Selva Negra, Huge Trees

Tiff, Here is One of Your Houseplants in Its Native Habitat, Ha!

Great Water Fountain Feature at Selva Negra...Moss, Tiny Water Plants All Over...

One of Few Critters We Saw at Selva Negra...A Blue Butterfly Barely...

Bon In Cloud Forest, Selva Negra

Lots of Plant Life, Native!? I Think So.

Bon Down Steep Grade in Selva Negra Reserve

The Hostel at Selva Negra...Signs From Visitors All Over World (Including WI,...

In Museum Selva Negra...A Bug For Mari, 6 Inches Long

In Selva Negra Museum, These Are Counts of 100# Bags Exported Coffee

Guy at Road Construction Helped Us Hitch Ride Back to Matagalpa From...

View Out Our Bathroom Window in Hotel Alvarado in Matagalpa

Lft about 8:30 to Esteli then bus to Matagalpa & Hotel Alvarado. Walked about town...jammed w/ cars & people in town center...Easter week. While waiting for Bon in a market I did a survey of vehicles passing by (this is bumper to bumper - single lane, one way)...39 were Toyota, 31 were KIA (mostly taxis), and 22 were a combo of Honda, Izuzu, Mitsubishi, etc...no more than 5 of other makes - NO American cars at all!!


Streets deserted, stores closed and buses not on any schedule - some not even going to any of regular destinations from here. We are lucky to get probably the only bus to Jinotega which drops us 12 km out of town at Selva Negra, a private forest reserve begun by Germans who in 1880 began a coffee plantation. Walked the 2 km from road to Hotel there & then hiked trails spending 3 hours walking thru cloud forest (no clouds today)...see pics. At 2 we hiked back up to hwy and luckily they are repairing the road beginning just half mile from entry to S.N. There a fellow stopped traffic for single lane passage from other end. We explained our situation and knowing no buses are coming, he helped us hitch a ride back into town!

Of course, no real restaurants open - I get a ham sandwich at Cafe Latino, Bon goes to a small market open and buys a can of veggies. We asked at bus staion about tomor to Jinotega, they didnt have any idea if bus going or no. Well see!

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