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Fort Langley, BC - Fort Camping Site E26

One of the old style houses we saw while walking through Fort...

Another older Fort Langley home

The Fort Langley Big House where the head man at the fort...

A couple of the old buildings of Fort Langley

Part of the Fort Langley Historic Site has been taken over by...

A lot of standing around and not much 'ACTION!'

Campground visitor who lives in the woods behind our campsite

The trip from Ferndale to Fort Langley was much less eventful than the previous one. The border crossing was quick and easy with the agent only asking a few questions and then sending us on through. It only took an hour for the entire trip to Fort Camping. The campground is one of the premier campgrounds in the area. Cell service is good and satellite access was made easily. We have a 50 amp, full hookup site with 76 channel cable to boot. It even came with its own resident wildlife. The rabbit hung around the campsite most of the time we were there.

Wednesday we went and did the tourist thing. Fort Langley is the original home of British Columbia when it was colonized in 1858. Prior to that it was the home of the Hudson Bay Trading Company in this area. They were the ones who first built the fort in the early 1800s. It is at the mouth of the Fraser River which extends way up into the center of British Columbia. We will be following the river up stream, and the canyon it has created, for a hundred miles or so when we leave the Vancouver area.

In addition to seeing the old fort, we walked around present day Fort Langley which is a quaint little village with a lot of old homes, churches, shops, and a cemetery. We had lunch at a Fish and Chips place where I had halibut and Doris had chicken! I haven't been able to talk her into trying the halibut yet but we still have a lot of time left. :) We were going to have a fire, some brats and smores Wednesday night but guess what? Yep, it was raining, again!

Thursday (today) I was having trouble with my instep again so we laid off of the hiking so that I would be able to walk the gardens in Victoria on Saturday without any trouble. We did finally see the sun again and were able to build a fire and have some brats and smores. Doris found a bar of Hershey's Dark Chocolate with Almonds in the local store and tried it instead of the straight dark chocolate. She said it was really good so now we have to try to find some more bars of it.

Tomorrow we head to the Tsawwassen area which is on the south side of Vancouver just about three miles from where the ferry goes over to Victoria. We will spend two nights there before heading on up Canada towards Prince Rupert.

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