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View of Lake Mead (it's huge!) from our campsite. Amazing lake in...

Teague and kids in front of Hoover dam.

View of Colorado River downstream from dam. Buildings below are power plant...

Just a part of the massive Hoover Dam.

Inside the power plant. One of 17 generators.

This is the rotor part of a generator that was taken apart...

Thomas in tunnel walking back toward elevator. Everything underground was blasted out...

We spent Friday (13!) at Hoover Dam. The date made us a little nervous, but the dam held just fine, and we ended up having a very nice visit there.

The dam has a nice visitor center and we learned about the history of the dam. We then took a tour of the inside of the dam and the power plant down at the bottom (500 ft. down!) It was very interesting place.

We are camped at Lake Mead - only about 10 minutes from Hoover Dam and about 5 minutes from Boulder City - the city they built to house all the workers needed to build the dam. Interesting story!

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