We went to Mexico again today and shopped..

The Rio Grande River...



First stop was Dr. Mustre for a filling...

Linda's Pharmacy was our next stop..

We bought a year's supply of meds for 1/10 the price..

After chores were done, we shopped till we dropped...:-)




I love all the jewelry...

We rested a bit and had a coke..


More shopping...

I bought a turquoise necklace and earrings for $15..

Mexico is a fun place to shop, we had a great day...

Last one!

We went back to Mexico today. I had a tooth that cracked and needed a filling. I got it fixed in a few minutes for $50 and was out the door ready to shop. :-) We went to Linda’s Pharmacy and stocked up on our meds, I bought a year’s supply for 1/10 of the cost in the United States, for the exact medication. After the two chores were finished, we walked and shopped till we dropped.

I love the jewelry in Mexico, I bought a beautiful turquoise necklace and earrings for only $15. I had to hold off buying a lot more, they have such great deals. We usually have lunch while in Mexico, we had a late breakfast before we left so we just stopped for a coke today. They do have great prices in the restaurants if you are hungry.

It was a bit more crowded today than the last visit. On the way into Mexico, we walked right over the international Bridge without any problem and stopped to take a picture of the Rio Grande River. By the time we left Mexico, we did have a short line ahead of us, probably about 20 people. They asked if we had any liquor or cigarettes and we said no. They looked at our passports and waved us right through, easy as pie. It was another fun day in Mexico, check back later for more.

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