ASIS Travel Adventures 2007-08 travel blog

Our transport back with a Nomad overland truck today ran late, late, late. The truck was supposed to leave at 6:00 am and didn't get going until 7:00am. To make things worse our driver then ran around town doing errands.

Three hours later we had driven only 60km and were just crossing the border to Botswana! Frustration for all involved. It is a long road trip today since the truck cannot travel south through Zimbabwe because of fuel and food shortages. Infrastructure in Zimbabwe is unreliable.

The drive through Botswana was a little wet at times although we did see wildlife along the road. Elephants and kudu were the main wildlife on this route. The drive itself was uneventful so I managed to get some reading done. We did, of course arrive late to our accommodation for the night. It took us all day to travel through Serowe and south to Martin'sDrift. Our night’s stay was in Martin's Drift just inside the Botswana-South Africa border crossing. Funny but our drivers had no idea where the accommodation was. Communication with Nomad to their staff was questionable again. Initially the drivers were planning to drive straight through to Johannesburg! We told them that our ticket included a night’s stay in Martin's Drift.

Since it was late already all of us were assigned our rooms and went straight to bed. Too bad we didn't arrive earlier to enjoy this pleasant looking place. The lodge was called Kno Wan Tes. If we would have left on time we could have.

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