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With Tanja's english class, at a school retreat for English Day -...

Lunch at English Day, but not a blood pudding in sight

More from English Day

Tanja and lunch service

Japanese version of the school lunch. A little healthier than grilled cheese

Nara, outside of Osaka, where the retreat was held

The students and teachers at English day

Josei students and staff,

Thank you so much for including us in English Day. English Day was our first day in Japan and it will be one that we will certainly remember! We enjoyed learning about Japanese manners, tourism sites, as well as learning how to make a paper crane. We also enjoyed learning about your families, pets, countries you have visited, and about your upcoming trip to Australia.

We will be sure to let our family in Canada know what a wonderful school Tanja is a part of, as well as all the lovely students she teaches. Of course we will also mention that she has contributed to your wonderful English skills.

Have a wonderful holiday and all the best for your trip to Australia.

In peace,

Kyla and Nick

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