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Well, we woke up to sunny skies & just in time for hugs around as Herb & Darlene head out for the Outer Banks. We had originally planned to head that way ourselves but have decided to start making our way back to Nevada instead.

You may have noticed that Larry is appearing in many of the pics in a wheelchair & we have received several e-mails & calls concerning him. So, a bit of info. About 4 months ago, Larry started having to sit down more & more frequently as any standing caused major pain in his lower back & legs. After several visits to chiropractors, some steroids, pain pills & anti-inflammatory's, there has been no improvement. In fact, his walking ability is really degenerating.

We've had lots of layman diagnosis's from sciatic nerve problems, to a pinched nerve, slipped disc, ruptured disc & the list goes on. Seems like it's definitely time (probably even past time!)to have a real physician throw in his 2 cents worth! That means home in case there is surgery involved & time to recuperate from whatever it may be. We're hoping for the pinched nerve diagnosis and we could sure use your prayers on this one. An MRI may help to show something. Anyway, a wheelchair helps Larry to enjoy sightseeing without suffering for the entire time.

When we left Vegas in April Larry had just had an MRI done on his knees, diagnosis, 2 torn meniscus's. The agreement was to lose 30 lbs in order to relieve 120 lbs of pressure from those knees. He no longer notices the pain from those because of this leg/back issue. So, suffice it to say, he needs a good checkup from the neck down! Or maybe from the neck up??

We should arrive just in time for the holidays as well, which will be wonderful. We are both missing family very much. Can't wait to see them all.

Anyway, Dick & Lou came over yesterday to spend the day with us. We played Hand & Foot (a variation of Canasta card game) & I made spaghetti for dinner. If you are a regular reader you already know that Lou & I won 5 of 7 games. It's been so good to see them again, we miss them already & we haven't even left yet! But, we'll be together in SD again next June & that's not too far down the road. Another of the good friends we have made since we started full-timing. We are so blessed.

As I write this we are parked in a Super Wal-Mart in Greensboro, North Carolina. We are heading to Nashville, Tennessee & should arrive late tomorrow or early Wednesday. It was 67 degrees today as we traveled along & there is still plenty of color. I'll miss that. My first experience of the East Coast has been absolutely wonderful. We experienced many new firsts & I will be looking forward to returning again. So, I'll close for now as it's nearly time to hit the sack. We didn't even unhook as we plan to get an early start in the morning. Goodnight...

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