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The first thing this morning I rescued a turtle from the middle...

Go home little turtle and don't play on the road any more!!

Now we are in hot dry and cultivated land! Miles and miles...

But on the other side of the road the corn was struggling...

Great yard ornaments

Toto we are in Kansas!!

The lovely town of Tribune Kansas and the Greeley County Pool, so...

What better way to refresh than a cool swim and a popsicle??

We thought today was going to be a repeat of yesterday but in the end it actually turned out good! The wind was a nice steady but strong breeze which made a huge diffference, not like the gusty wind of yesterday.

The most exciting thing today was rescuing a turtle from the middle of the road! Poor thing! And what is a turtle doing out here anyhow?? I will have to look that one up and find out what sort of turtle lives in the dry land of eastern Colorado!! But I feel good about saving his little life! I just hope he didn't turn around and try and go back!!

It actually had a good rest of the day! Reached our first possible destination of Sheridan Lake at about 10:30, we thought about making it a short day. We are slowing down to meet up with friends in a few days who won't be home until Sunday, looking forward to it Gail and Mel!!

Once we decided to move on, we had 30 miles ahead of us which actually went really fast! It seemed like it was downhill, the wind wasn't exactly behind us but it did not interfere at all. The sun seemed to be filtered behind some clouds so it was a cooler feeling day! There were many grain trucks on the road as we were warned about, but all seemed to be kind enough to give us plenty of space!

We crossed the state line into Kansas and the roads improved immediately! We are actually really impressed with Kansas so far! Beautiful roads, scenery changed to highly productive farms in the middle of winter wheat harvest! What a difference it makes to your spirit! Yesterday we felt as if we were the only life for miles and today it was great to watch the farm equipment on the horizon, 4 Goliath size monsters at a time moving in a choreographed synchronized routine to maximize the area covered at once! You could follow the plumes of dust on the horizon even if the equipment wasn't visible. On our first long distance trip 2 years ago further north, in the isolated areas we could spot the water towers far off in the distance like a beacon pointing out our destination town. This time it is the grain silos that we can see on the horizon and we can watch our progression as it gets closer. The sun reflects off the shiny exterior and they can be seen for miles!

The town of Tribune, Kansas is such a haven for cyclists! The town is small but very neat, tidy and busy! The city park is available for camping, and it is requested you check in with the sheriff to let them know you are here. City Parks are always a gamble because you never know what facilities will be available, especially restrooms. Sometimes you have to use a hosptital restroom,or a rest area or the pool facilities, its all different. Our map information gave us no details so we just weren't sure what was here. One of those great surprises! The city park is well set up for campers! We have electricity, a gazebo, a pool with showers and restrooms!! Everyone in town is so sweet! We have two other campers with us. Regine, from Montana (originally Germany) who was supposed to be an original traveling partner of Gary and Rob that we met way back in Mitchell, Idaho! Small world! And Paul, we had met Paul in Ordway just after the dog incident! I love it when things like this happen this happens, making friends at camp is the highlight for me!

There is a lovely breeze tonight, no sign of the really hot weather of a few days ago. It is going to be a comfortable night!

Good night everyone and thanks for all the messages!!!!

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