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Carpes at San Felipe Pueblo Truck Stop & Casino

Spectacular scenery along US 84

Descending into Abquiu NM

We got a great view of the Lunar Eclipse

Bob got this great shot just before totality

Sun, 27 Sep: We're ready to "balloon"...

Today we relocated 137 miles from Chama to San Felipe Pueblo. We anticipated an easy day's drive, and we weren't disappointed. After getting the coach ready for the road Bob did a thorough dump and rinse of our holding tanks and topped up our fresh water tank. Sandi had the "helm" today and, after getting the car connected, she pulled out of the Sky Mountain RV Park onto US 84 southbound at 0945.

For a while US 84 is a nice level and relatively straight highway as it runs south along the high plateau. Then it starts to descend and becomes hilly and windy. Our engine brake kept our speed under control and we had no problem negotiating the turns.

We passed Abiquiu Lake, where we spent time two weeks ago, and then the town of Abiquiu. The road construction we experienced heading north on Thursday was shut down for the weekend and we enjoyed driving on a nice and smooth road with no delays. Then came the town of Espanola with all its many stop lites. Again, Sunday morning worked in our favor as traffic was light.

Then around Santa Fe via the bypass (NM 599) and onto I 25 south. Some twenty miles down the road we exited at the San Felipe Pueblo exit and topped up Carpe's tank at only $2.089/gallon. We're now parked at the truck stop where we'll remain overnite. We're 21 miles from the balloon festival grounds and we cannot enter the grounds prior to noon tomorrow. So we'll "hang" here tomorrow morning and then get ourselves settled in for two weeks of boondocking and ballooning.

Today's drive was 137 miles with an impressive "going down the mountain" fuel economy in excess of nine mpg.


At dusk we were treated to an unobstructed view of the total lunar eclipse. Bob's Nikon D-700 is far more sensitive than Sandi's older Nikon and he was able to get some awesome shots of the event. Please visit the photo section for two of the better shots as the eclipse approached totality.

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