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This morning I picked up the report on my stomach sonogram taken earlier this week. The diagnosis is cholelithiasis (gallstones). I have only one stone measuring 6mm (less than ¼ inch). I went onto the Mayo Clinic Web page and learned that gallstones can, in fact, cause painful digestive issues like I had last week. All the other organs were normal.

This afternoon I got a much-needed haircut. It always feels so much better after some of my heavy mop is taken off. On extremely hot days like the last few triple-digit days I’m tempted to get a buzz cut. :>)

Lately my roof air conditioner and brakes have been having problems, so I made an appointment with Crestview RV in Georgetown for Wednesday, August 19, the day before our next campout (at Llano) begins. The repairs shouldn’t send me to the poorhouse because I have what seems to be a very good extended warranty policy with only a $200 deductible.

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