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craft fair

craft fair

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We left the bubble that is our campground resort to head to an even bigger one on the eastern side of Tucson. We've been wanting to check it out and a large craft fair there gave us the excuse to go. The selling went on outside in the bright sunshine and in some of the meeting rooms of the Voyager Resort. Most of the artisans were our vintage and we wondered if they were staying there or came in for the show. There was lots of jewelry for sale, an indicator of the importance of gem stones and minerals in a town that will be bulging at the seams in a few weeks when the Gem & Mineral show starts. There were lots of quilted items, crocheted and knitted products, and all manner of jams and jellies, some made out of cactus fruit. One man was using cholla wood, the inside skeleton of this cactus. He inlaid precious stones in the holes that occur naturally in the cholla and made jewelry boxes and picture frames. HIs work was unique and beautiful and I debated about opening my wallet, but these days, if I don't have a place to put it, I try not to buy it.

The Voyager resort has at least as many campsites as our park, but also has single family homes (for geezers), park models, and a hotel. Some of the park models were more widely spaced so residents could park their rigs nearby and they had built enclosures to protect their vehicles from the hot Arizona sun. It would be an easy place to have out-of-town guests come for a visit without needing space for them to sleep in your RV. With so many people there, it had an even more extensive list of activities than our park does, but the main disadvantage of this park is that it is much farther away from metro Tucson and it looked like you would have to drive about seven miles to do simple things like buy groceries. The park had a restaurant and clinic within its confines, perhaps to alleviate the need to leave their bubble at all. The search for the perfect spot continues...

In the afternoon we played golf on the most reasonably priced course we've found so far. It's not far from our campground and some of the grass was green. It was a course well suited for us. The holes were long enough for Ken to swing full power, and it favored the straight hitter. Our wild hits were pretty easy to find and we didn't lose a ball all afternoon. We'll be back.

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