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We were all up early as we had to board our boat at 9:30. Boy did we dress for the cold! We layered top, vest, hoodie, and our heaviest coats. First time for this. The water temp and wind make it cool. The boat holds about 200 people. Each person had a reserved table. There were 3 decks for viewing. They had a cafe for snacks, drinks: alcoholic & non-alcoholic. Barb & Bill enjoyed delicious hot chocolate while Jackie & I tried their alcholic hot otter drink (hot chocolate, kahlua, Bailey's Cream and peppermint schnapps) and it was very good and warmed us up. We had been warned that the sea could be rough. It was smooth as glass all day. It was sunny and blue when many days it is foggy. We saw humpback whales, orca whales, sea lions, sea otters, dall porpoises(marked similar to an orca) that raced along side our boat, seals, many gulls, and cute little "birds" called Puffins. They were black & white like a penquin with a big orange bill like a toucan and they swim under water more than they fly. We came to a "tidewater" glacier. That means the glacier comes to a high cliff of ice at water's edge. We saw it "calving" (breaking off) into the ocean and making noise like thunder in the distance as it moved. We drifted through the ice flow with the big chunks of ice hitting the boat. It was like a scene from Titanic. We got some great photos. They netted a big chunk of the glacier ice and brought it onboard. They used it to make drinks they called "glacierittas". They were delicious. They then served us an all you can eat salmon & prime rib hot buffet lunch with all the trimmings. It was great. We did't need much supper tonight. We did eat some grilled cheese about 8pm and watched Olympics but were quite tired after a long but awesome trip!

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