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In the years that we have been lucky enough to head to warm climes after the holidays, this is the first time that we have not had snow and ice to contend with. While Christmas fans were disappointed that the holiday was not white here, we are delighted that we can load the motor home without having to remove boots every time we go in and out. And we can open the storage bays without crashing into snow banks. While it's far from tropical, the engine turns over much better when it's 40º rather than -4º. Tomorrow we won't have to use a hair dryer to melt the thick coating of ice inside the windshield, deposited by the moisture in our breaths as we packed as we did one brutal winter. Although forecasters sometimes get it wrong, it looks like the weather along the route will cooperate, although the strong winds from the southwest will not enhance the gas mileage. An uneventful drive would be ideal.

After lugging things to the curb for the last six hours, it feels good to sit on the couch with my feet up and ponder that still needs to be done. No need to go to the health club today. Getting ready for a few months away is a lot of work. Since we are not allowed to park the motor home near our house for more than 24 hours, we started making piles in the guest room as soon as we were done putting away the piles from our last trip earlier this month. Although many of the items we could forget to bring are easily replaced, we still try to get it right. And when we don't we start to wonder if the memory is beginning to fail. The joys of getting older...

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