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Wow its been awhile. And I know the title of this is in Spanish and not Italian. I felt like a little Spanish.

This weekend I was supposed to get a lot done so I didnt do much of anything except put time aside to write my paper and do homework. Guess how much work got done? actually, your wrong, I got a little bit done... But I was at my computer all weekend trying to write my paper and I got a paragraph done by sunday evening. I did study though a bit...

Sunday I went on a much needed roman adventure to porta portese. Its this massive flea market and its... gigantic. I didnt even get to walk through the whole thing. But I did buy some knee high socks for pretty cheap. They are all the rage here in Europe, and they are warm :) After the flea market it started to pour but I brought along my england umbrella so I just kept walking. I walked around the campo de fiori area before making my way to a bus station and figuring out how to get home. The rain never stopped and once i got home i was really happy to be home, but it was nice to have another adventure. Its harder to just go for a walk when the weather isnt so great and it gets dark so early! I hate the darkness!

Oh, and on my adventure I got asked for directions not once but TWICE! Seriously, I must look like I know what Im doing cause people always ask me for directions.

The last three days I spent working (and attempting to work) on my paper. I get so easily distracted here that I take breaks after every time I write a few good sentences in my papers. That means that it is a very very long and draining process. I was up super late last night and I had to wake up early as well. I had a little bit of coffee and I was FOCUSED, ito my paper and ready to roll. When I need to get stuff done, give me a little bit of caffeine and I will bust that stuff out! The problem with not getting so much sleep last night is not that im tired today, im more just a little funny... but tomorrow I will be exhausted and very out of it.

Our plane for morocco takes off at 6am tomorrow morning which means that im gong to need to wake up at 3am. im super excited to go on this trip with a new group of girls but i would much rather our plane take off in the afternoon. I also know that this trip will cause major sleep deprivation for me next week because i am not going to be doing any homework while im on this trip... oh well.

Today I had to order my month pass for December... DECEMBER! what happened to November?! it just flew by... This means that in less than three weeks I will be in the states. On one hand Im really happy to go home and see all of my friends and family, but on the other hand I really dont want to leave my new home. Theres so much about Rome that I am going to miss terribly when I go to the states, like the metro and being god hen I walk across the street. But there are also a lot of things that I miss about the states, like morning star veggie dishes! But anyway, I was going somewhere with this story... so I had to buy my biglietto (ticket) and I went to the stall and asked in terrible italian for it. I know the corect way to say it but i had a brain fart. The guy corrected me and asked where I was from in italian and then english... I knew what he said, it just takes me a second to process these things. After our short conversation he complimented me on trying to learn Italian, I smiled said "grazie, ciao!" Im going to miss this language, especially after trying so hard to learn it, and I know I am getting better. I dont want to forget any of it or stop my progress. I probably wont be back in Italia for a long time... :(

So I should start packing for Morocco! Ciao! Amare la vita!

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