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Good Morning, Arizona

Downtown Florence, Arizona

Main Street

Main Street


Main Street

Drive through liquor store

Main Street

Former hotel

Former police, courthouse, fire station, municipal building

Had a Harley Davidson gas tank on it

Park Bench


Selling fireworks in one of the gift shops

My two prisoners!

Catholic Church


Another angle of the church

The Courthouse built in 1878 undergoing restoration

The Courthouse

POW Camps

POW Camps

more info

Germans picking cotton

Accidently cut off his face..sorry

Italians on the march at the camp

Selling tamales...so good!!!

Swimming, great way to end the day

Okay, so let’s not be defeated on the first trial. THE BED.

We rearranged it so the foam padding was under the mattress, thus making my bed look not quite so much like Norman Bates mother’s. You remember, when he picked her up there was an indentation where her body was? Well, that has been our issue. Didn’t work as well as had I hoped. Not to be defeated, the saga will continue.

Since I slept so poorly, got up early and saw the sun coming up. Ran out the door in my jams, robe and slippers. Took a picture, came back in, waited a bit then looked out the window, ran outside again, and this continued for 4 times till I got the right picture. You are welcome.

We went to the Historic town of Florence, Arizona. “Florence is located in Pinal County in central Arizona midway between Phoenix and Tucson. Arizona became a territory under the signature of Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and Florence was founded in 1866 as a farming community along the banks of the Gila River. The town boomed in the in the 1870s with the discovery of silver in the nearby Silver King Mine. Business prospered as the town became the commercial hub for area mines and ranching developed and farming continued. Florence is the County Seat as well as being one of the oldest towns in Arizona. Florence is proud of its history and the designation of the old town as a National Historic District. Over 100 buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic places”.

Florence has the distinction of having 6 Arizona State Prisons. Some of the “good behavior” prisoners are allowed to work at special places in the town. We had 2 give us a wave and smile. Cracked me up…in fact, the first picture wasn’t the best so they were very helpful and posed again. The downtown area has some buildings that are now unoccupied, but many are as they were when the town was in its heyday. The area was also a Prisoner of War camp for Italian and German Pow’s. I thought I knew a lot of WWII history, but I did not know we had POW camps. Such an eye opener. Did you know that?

This was the first place I have seen a drive through liquor store. Saves lots of time, huh? Ernest McFarland, a resident of Florence, was a former Senator, Governor and Supreme Court Justice. He is also known as the “Father of the G.I. Bill”. Also, it was the setting for the movie “Murphy’s Romance” with James Garner and Sally Field. Now, I have to watch it again to see the buildings I walked past.

We stopped at a tamale stand with 2 Native Americans selling fresh and hot tamales. We bought 5 of them. They were, indeed, the best tamales we have ever had. YUM!

After our visit to Florence, we came back to the park, changed into bathing suits and went swimming. Too cool! We were in the pool, sunning ourselves on Nov. 29. We would have been dodging rain drops had we been in Washington.

Ahhhh, life is good.

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