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South of the Border Campground, Site 147

South of the Border Campground, Site 147 another view

South of the Border Campground, Site 147 and another

The SOB Campground entrance

A shot of Pedro at South of the Border (SOB)

One of the main areas at South of the Border

Part of the motel area at SOB - notice each room has...

A walkway going from one side of the highway to the other....

Pedroland Park, the amusement park area of SOB

The grocery store next to a huge fireworks store at SOB

The Sky Sombrero behind some of the shops


We have finally left on this years trip. I can't make up my mind whether to use Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" or Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" which begins "Get you motor runnin'; Head out on the highway; Lookin' for adventure; And whatever comes our way." I'm a little more partial to classic rock but then "On the Road Again" is a little more traditional for RVers?

We arrived here at South of the Border, SC (SOB)yesterday about 3:30 pm after a 360 mile day. We don't normally like to drive that far but we were feeling good and decided to have just one stop between home and Virginia Beach. Besides we had always just drove by SOB many times in the past and we decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Our first campsite was supposed to have a 50 amp connection but it wasn't working and besides that site was going to be IMPOSSIBLE to get through the trees to the satellite, so we changed sites to a much nicer 30 amp site and I was able to sight the satellite with no problem. Of course we had already put out the living room slide and hooked up water before I realized we had no juice. It's going to take a little while to get my RV legs back. I know that is one of the first things to check but didn't and when I saw that line of trees right next to the site, I should have known it wasn't going to work either. Anyhow we got all settled in and camp set up by 5:00 so no harm done.

South of the Border is just south of the NC/SC border. As a matter of fact you get off I-95 at NC Exit 1 and cross back into SC. It and SC Exit 193 five miles further South in SC are the first two places you can get off in SC. This is significant because SC has VERY liberal laws regarding fireworks and these two exits (as well as others) allow you to buy just about anything that is made so there are many large dealers at these exits.

SOB also has many restaurants and souvenir shops be we didn't eat here as there was a Shoneys at that Exit 193 five miles South and I love the Shoney's breakfast bar. This one wasn't one of the best but it was better than nothing. Shoney's doesn't seem to be what it once was so I may have to find another favorite.

We did a little shopping but are not really interested in filling the mothership at this early part of the trip. We mostly just browsed to see what was available. The crowds haven't arrived yet and the whole complex is busy getting painted and other maintenance getting ready for the season. Most of the day was spent with Doris trying to find places to put all the stuff we brought with us and myself doing a little work on the exterior of the mothership. I put RainX on the windshields and RejeX on the front. I am anxious to see if the RejeX works as advertised. Lord knows I get tired of cleaning bugs off the front of this thing!

I have been trying to get hold of the FamCamp in Virginia Beach all day today to see if they have room for us two days early but haven't been able to get them to return my call. We may just have to wing it and see what happens - there's always Wally World. :) We plan on leaving early tomorrow for that 285 mile trip. Our daughter Misty and her husband Gary are supposed to meet us there for the weekend. It will be good to see them again.

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