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August 12

Our last day on the road dawned overcast and the forecast threatened rain. In spite of that, Brenda and Rita planned a bike ride to complete Saturday's trip which had been interrupted by my AGM (Rita's abbreviation for "attention getting move"). Bill and Francie had invited the four of us for coffee and a visit before the final leg of our journey home. Bob and I puttered around to allow time for the girls to get close to the Ross's. I enjoyed one thing I had missed in our nearly 6 months away and that was the morning Global TV news broadcast...I guess it's the little things that make home what it is.

We arrived at Bill and Francie's and as we got out of Bob's van, Brenda and Rita came around the corner just as a few rain drops started to fall; talk about timing! Bill had said he wanted us to see their "penthouse in the warehouse" and he wasn't putting us on. They have taken the last section of a warehouse they own and built a beautiful, comfortable 2-story office/residence with all the trappings of a large detached home.

We enjoyed coffee and pastries while sharing family and travel stories along with plenty of laughs. With our journey home ahead of us, Bob and Rita's afternoon golf game and a fine brunch planned by Mary and Rita, we reluctantly took our leave. Luckily, the rain had pretty much run its course and the girls had a fairly dry ride home.

Mary and Rita along with Bob prepared a mighty fine brunch of frittatas and leftovers, which we ate on the deck of the cottage in case of further rain. Em declared that, "My frittata is lovely" whereupon I said, "I've been meaning to mention that to you!" Without skipping a beat she came back with, "I was hoping you'd notice."

We did a quick cleanup and loaded Blue for the last time. While that was always a bit of a chore, we had a good routine down pat so that it was never really onerous...that is unless we had a motel room on the third floor and no elevator! We said our farewells and, with directions for a short cut out of town, we hit the road.

The trip home was punctuated with a couple of light rainsqualls and fairly overcast for most of the way. We made one quick stop at a fruit and vegetable stand in Keremeos for some seasonal treats and another for gas in Hope. On the freeway we called Katie one last time to give her a heads up on our ETA for last minute clean up before we walked in the door. This was the weekend for the Abbotsford Air Show and, true to form, the freeway from there to home was bumper-to-bumper.

Our arrival in Delta was happily bathed in sunshine and we commented on the beauty of metro Vancouver's skyline and gorgeous mountain and water setting. We arrived home, greeted warmly by Katie and impressed by the fine job she had done on cleaning the house. Her hugs are among the best and it had been almost 3 months since we had our last one in Atlanta. Sister-in-law Penny came over and we ordered Chinese food for of the things we missed most after family and friends.


As we neared our exit, Brenda turned to me and said, "I want to thank you for being my partner on this trip. I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else in the world." I shared the exact same sentiments. We had started this adventure with the bare bones of a plan, a pile of maps and not a little nervousness about what it would look like at the end.

We wouldn't have missed it for the world.

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