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We were awake, up and dressed by 6:45 this morning. It was a travel day for us and we wanted to have our morning coffee before we got busy with the chores associated with travel day.

Once our coffee was finished, Marilyn started on the inside and I went outdoors to start with those chores.

We hugged Kit & Jerry, and left these good friends with tears in our eyes. Thanks for everything dear friends! We’ll see you again one of these days!

We left Fort Clark at a quarter after eight, just as the wind began to blow rather fiercely.

We showed 12.8 mpg at the beginning and fought that strong wind all the way to Alpine.

The scenery was spectacular at times, with the visibility more than 100 miles, except for the areas of blowing sand and dust.

The mountains were worn down from the erosion through the ages. Nothing covered them but bare rocks, sand, cactus and low scrub bushes. The starkness of this land makes one appreciate even more the hardiness of the people who have inhabited this land through the years.

By the time we drove through the town of Sanderson, we were at ½ tank of fuel so we stopped and filled up with diesel at 2.199 per gallon.

We arrived in Alpine, turned north on Hwy 118 and were at the office of “The Lost Alaskan” RV Park by 1:00 PM.

By 2:00 PM, we were all set up in site A-20, had the TV programmed for the cable channels, and placed a call to Kit & Jerry to let them know we were here, and to say “Thanks” once more.

By the way, remember that yesterday we had to turn on the A/C because it was over 90 degrees inside the RV. Well, today when we arrived, it was 58 degrees, and the wind was blowing about 15 mph.

We left the door open for awhile but finally decided that 64 inside was too cool to sit and relax, so we closed the door and set our heater to 68 degrees.

We have cell phone service, wi-fi and cable TV, so we are all set with the comforts of our little rolling home.

We plan to explore Fort Davis and McDonald Observatory tomorrow. We do have some pictures for you and I’ll get those posted.

I plan to cook dinner tonight. We are having the sausage, onions, potatoes and cabbage dish that we both like.

We’ll have a good night of sleep because we have no need to hurry anything tomorrow.

We will see soon enough, whatever adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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