Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

The olympic hockey arena

weird statues

part of the stadium

Olympic stadium, now a soccer arena


more stadium

walk on the way to the stadiums


Caught the train out to Torino. Found the tourist information and confusingly got some kind of directions to the olympic areas of the city. Gave me a map which was more helpful then talking to them. Started on my way. It was actually really warm there. I was expecting it to be cold. Not at all. No snow. I couldn't see the Alps though because it was a bit hazy. Grrr.

Walked down to the olympic stadium. Had to walk down a really nice tree lined path to get there. Saw the hockey arena and the stadium. But, everything was boarded up and I couldn't even get close to the buildings let alone inside. That was a big disappointment. The olympic stadium is now a soccer stadium of course.

By this time, I was so sick of walking and sick of sightseeing I just headed back to milan and hung out at the hostel and repacked all my stuff as I had to repack to get on the plane.

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