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View from Granville bridge

Granville Island

Triangle Square busking

Everybody say "arrrrrrrr"



Some famous steam clock

Someone set the moose loose

.. where are we again?? Oh.. Vancouver library

Beautiful day in Stanley Park

Native Totem Poles







A beach in the city .. genious!

Inuit art?

What is that?


Beluga Whales

At Vancouver Aquarium (well the free bit in the park)

But do we haaaaaaaave to go home?

Our last supper

Dinner on the tram



Dom: This is our last port of call. And not bad for a city either. As C says, 'any city with beaches, ocean, and skiing is alright by me'. I think they get a lot of rain here though we'll have to take their word for it as we've had a heatwave. We spent a day in Stanley Park playing frisbee, slapball and cycling around. Now we have some burns to prove it. We've spent a few evenings watching ice hockey and actually now understand what is going on. The skills involved are tremendous although I think it's the brutality that keeps people watching.

We've had a look around Gastown, the historical end of town where we first landed and set up camp, and wondered around Chinatown which is a little different to most other Chinatowns you'll visit. The police have what they might call a 'shepherd policy' in operation here. All the city's druggies, dealers and prostitutes are allowed to ply their trade as long as they stay in this area. It works well apparently, and Chinatown is very safe despite the crazed nut jobs and heroin dealers as the police keep a large presence here. We stumbled into Chinatown without realizing a couple of says ago but soon realized when everyone around us looked like an extra from a zombie movie.

Forgot to mention, Stanley Park is the home of Vancouver's aquarium. We got to watch a couple of 'shows', one of which was a Beluga Whale show. Strange creatures, really odd looking, but so graceful too. Shame their grace was curbed by the the small pool they lived in.

We've traveled from one side of the country to the other and haven't seen any mooses or Mounties. In fact we call into question their existence. It's a show to get tourists here.

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