We stopped for a picnic at 9,500 at Wilkerson Pass..

The mountains are all covered with snow...

Almost home...

Last one!

We are back home in beautiful Buena Vista. We love taking special trips to hotels once in a while, but we are always happy to get back home to our own bed in our RV. :-)

The huge mountains in this area are all covered with snow. This is one of our favorite areas in Colorado. We only have a few more weeks to spend in Colorado before heading to Utah. We are planning one more trip back to Vail, one more to Aspen and a few other places we missed. We have definitely been busy exploring this area, it’s hard to believe how many updates I have done for Colorado. Jerry has even been saying he could live here. We have only been to a few places where we start saying those words and thinking of settling down, this is one of them.

I am adding a few pictures of the huge snow covered mountains on the drive back and one of the Pinyon Jays that have made themselves at home in our yard. They visit at least twice a day and empty all the feeders before taking baths and splashing all the water out of the birdbaths. :-) They have been a joy to watch, I have never seen so many of them at one time, we counted over 40 at one visit. We also have all the other common birds at our feeders but the Pinyon Jays have been very entertaining.

That’s all for today, another great day in Colorado, check back later for more.

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