The river behind our campground in Buena Vista..


Last one, our favorite place for steaks in town, no kin to...

This will be our last update from beautiful Buena Vista. We enjoyed every minute in this awesome town, and we will definitely return in the future. We are going to be busy for the next few days, we are preparing for our drive to Utah.

We may make one more stop in Colorado for about a week before continuing our drive to Utah. We heard about a cool state park that has a lot of moose. We will be going moose hunting, not to kill, just for the views. :-)

We are not sure how our Sprint WiFi will work there, the state park does not have WiFi. I may have to do the updates from the area when we arrive at our next campground in Utah.

We are looking forward to our stay in the wilderness area of Colorado. I will take plenty of pictures of the moose if I find them. :-) Check back later for more.

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