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Early morning wake up calls . . . E-I-E-I-O

This basically shows you what we rode thru for 60 miles today...

This was basically the mirage-like view of the road all day ....

This could have been the one and only tree we saw next...

These hay bales, which you all know I love . . .the...

Just to make it interesting, a dirt road that looks as if...

We easily survived the heat of last night's camper and it was a pretty pleasant night after all! It did in fact cool down, we left the door propped wide open all night and it was very cozy!

When one sleeps in a farm like environment, you don't really need an alarm to wake up! The roosters pretty much take care of that! But I loved it! The roosters and the birds waking up made it so comforting listening to them all come to life outside so I zipped up my bag, rolled over and dozed off! Actually it is a good thing I set my alarm!!

Ate a good home made breakfast, said thanks and good-bye to Gillian and headed out to a peaceful start to the day.

That peaceful start lasted about 10 miles and the wind started, right at us.

So I can basically describe the rest of the day in three words . . .60 miles . . .Headwind . . .The End.

Look at the photos, that is literally what we saw all day long. Nothing visible to the eye except flat brown dried grass stretching out to meet the blue sky on the horizon. The road always stretched out into infinity, almost like a mirage as we never seemed to reach a point in the distance, it just continued to unroll in front of us.The only activity off any kind of life beside ourselves was the odd jack rabbit scampering across the crunchy landscape, or some birds flying around playing bird games.. We did see a few giant anthills, and the ants were definitely busy, not deterred at all by the intense heat but they not very exciting! In fact I tried to take a photo but they didn't show up!

We did good despite the conditions, no complaining just took it as it came and kept pedaling. Staying hydrated is a huge thing and it is just wonderful that people along the way are set up to provide water so geneously. The temperature has cooled down a bit, it was maybe only in the 80's and there was a thin cloud cover all day so we didn't have to deal with the intense heat of the past few days. As we approached our destination of Eads Colorado we could see what appeared to be the town iin the distance, but it seemed as if it took forever to get there! I think a real sign of fatigue.

We could be camping in the park but it seemed like a good night to have a hotel. Choosing to stay here was a good choice as there are some severe thunderstorms in the area and flash flood warnings for the areas that have been burning. We had a good meal and are really beat tonight. The wind just takes it out of you

Time to kick back and try to get to the end of my book. Last night while I was reading my headlamp attracted the moths! It was so annoying as they batted my face, yuck! Tonight I can read in peace!!

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