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at a rest area

Happy Canada day!

I followed Flo & Dana today, leaving the Pumpkin Patch campground at about 8:20 AM. We stopped at a wayside for a break after about 1.5 hours but it was in the woods and full of mosquitos. There were kiosks there telling of petroglyphs in the area, white pine logging, and maple syrup manufacture. There was an outhouse there, but I used my own facilities! About an hour later, we stopped for gas at a very busy small gas station because it was the last one to be found before entering Canada. I had a scare because I couldn’t find my wallet until I found it on the floor in the bathroom!

Getting into Canada was pretty easy. I was asked where I am from, where I was going, how long I would be in Canada, when I was last in Canada, and if I had any firearms, mace, pepper or bear spray, alcohol or tobacco, or any pets. Dana didn’t even have to wait for me because I got through in plenty of time to catch back up to them.

We entered and left St. George and stopped for lunch where there should have been a bank and a Tim Horton with parking. We had passed a bank and Dana said she saw a Tim Horton’s (a good fast food joint) near it but there was no place for big rigs to park. They didn’t use an ATM and I wasn’t planning to, so all was fine.

About 40 minutes later, we were trying to get off of 73 onto 20 but Dana didn’t get into the center lane to make that exit because Flo misunderstood the ramps and thought they weren’t supposed to go towards Montreal. But we were and I made the right exit from 73 to 20 West. I went on to the campground which was only about 2 miles away, while they had to go 20 East to the next exit and turn back. It didn’t take them long, thank goodness!

After resting up, we had a social hour at 6 PM and the first half of “Annie of Green Gables” in preparation for our visit in Prince Edward Island.

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