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Yikes! Where did our nearly bearable weather go? For the past couple of weeks we’ve been at our usual triple-digit temperatures most of the time. Of course this means that our air conditioners have become our best friends. Mine has decided to be less than friendly, though.

For the last two or three weeks the roof air conditioner had been tripping the circuit breaker at least once a day. Interestingly, it usually happened after I had gone to bed, when electricity usage would be at its lowest! What’s up with that? Yesterday the problem became more acute; it tripped the circuit breaker every 15 minutes or so even though I had the fan set on slow speed and the thermostat turned up higher than normal. This troubled me.

I had made an appointment with Crestview RV in Georgetown for August 19, the day before the next Cen-Tex rally. I like to combine trips whenever possible. I’ll keep the Crestview appointment because I need to have them repair what seems to be a brake issue.

After a very miserable time yesterday and last night, I decided that it was time to act; I just couldn’t wait two more weeks to have my air conditioner repaired or replaced by Crestview. This morning I called the mobile tech that I usually call but he couldn’t come until the middle of next week. Again, that was longer than I wanted to suffer in the heat. His scheduler referred me to another mobile tech in Kyle. Thankfully, he could do the job this afternoon. He told me that Dometic no longer makes this model of low-profile air conditioner. It is the original equipment installed in early 2001 so I guess it’s feeling its age. He said that the regular-profile A/Cs work better anyway.

The mobile techs from RV Land arrived around 3:00, when the temperature was at its hottest. According to the early evening weather report, the heat index was 109 degrees around that time. Poor guys! I don’t see how they can stand working in such heat, but they said they were used to it.

The new air conditioner is an Advent by ASA Electronics. It is quieter and draws much less current than the old Dometic, so it shouldn’t be tripping the circuit breaker. My co-payment came to only $225. The extended warranty paid for the rest. It’s such a relief to be c-o-o-o-o-l again

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