2014 Cross Country 2 travel blog

Our route home from California

Finn and his Dad bundled up for the cold

Looking at Mom

Smelling the flowers

Big smile

Finn, Nanny, and Leo

Wrinkled brow

Instead of going straight home, we decided to visit Finn, Kyle and Annie in Baltimore. We drove into the Baltimore area and parked Winnie in the Pikesville Lanes parking lot and unhitched the Fit to drive to their house. We got there in time to have lunch. We spent a nice afternoon with the family. It still amazes me how much babies change in a short time. It been 3 months since we've seen Finn and he is crawling and starting to stand on his own. It won't be long before he is off and running. We left for home late in the afternoon as I wanted to get home before dark because of some intermittent problems with Winnie's tail lights and side running lights. We'll be back in a week to celebrate Finn's first birthday.

We didn't make it home before dark and we drove the last 40 miles or so with the emergency flashers on to substitute for the tail lights. Not sure what the electrical problem is because there are 3 separate intermittent electrical issues. I need to look at the wiring diagrams to see if I can figure out if they have anything in common.

Sue is always glad to be home from a long trip and I always have mixed emotions. I'm not sure how Ringo feels, although he seemed to have made the transition from Winnie to the house without much stress.

We traveled some 7,553 miles on this cross country adventure using a little over 1,000 gallons of gas (7.3 MPG). For the first time I can remember, gas prices started to go down as we headed west and continued throughout the trip, even in California. Prices were at about $3.20/gal when we left Delaware in September and were $2.73/gal when I filled up in Maryland last night. The lowest price we paid was $2.46/gal in Texas.

I think Winnie is beginning to show her age. The problems we had at the beginning in Maryland and then again in New Mexico put a kink in some of our plans along the way. I think we are getting to decision time on Winnie. Do we pour major money in to rebuild and renovate or do we use the money as a down payment on a newer one? That the question to consider before year's end.

I continue to be amazed by this great country that we live in. We got to visit some awesomely beautiful places in Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. We learned some more about the history of the nation at places like Hannibal, MO, Laclede and Abilene, KS, Vicksburg, MS, and McCalla, AL to name just a few. We got to visit some people spread across the country that we are fortunate to be able to call friends. We even found a few more "Roadside Attractions" like the giant Czech Easter Egg in Kansas, President Taft's Giant Chair in California, the World's largest Kokopelli in Arizona, the large mug of root beer in Missouri, and Joe's truck stop in Alabama among others. I hope you enjoyed my sometimes longwinded posts as well as the pictures of the places we've been fortunate to see. We'll be home until sometime in January getting some of Winnie's ills cured as well as spending time with the family. I hope to be someplace warm before the end of January so stay tuned.

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