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Carpes at Fountainbleau State Park
A nicely located State Park on the north...

Back on US 98 north to Interstate 10

I 10 causeway east of Mobile

I 10 tunnel under downtown Mobile

Welcome to Mississippi

We stopped for propane and diesel in Gulfport, MS

Welcome to Louisiana

Welcome to Fountainbleau State Park

Acme Oyster House and Tabasco...

Acme Oyster House Specialty

A 23 mile causeway crosses Lake Ponchartrain

Approaching New Orleans "burbs" on the causeway

Authentic Gumbo in New Orleans

And more oysters

Thu, 26 Dec: A three state day...

Brrrr, enough of this cold! While it wasn't quite as cold this morning (33°F) as yesterday (29°F), it's still pretty hard to crawl out from under those comfy blankets to turn up the heat (especially with snogging available). We did, finally, get ourselves moving, breakfasted, and got Carpes Diem and Dinkum ready for the road. The most time consuming chore was adding air to the tires as they were all about 5 psi low due to the cold temperatures.

With all that behind us Bob eased out of the SKP Summerdale Park a few minutes before nine. West a short distance on AL 28 to AL 9 north where we picked up AL 32 west to US 98. We felt right at home on US 98 a we'd taken it for most of the Florida panhandle. East of Mobile we entered Interstate 10 westbound to Mobile and beyond.

Almost immediately we were on a causeway over Mobile Bay's wetlands. We got a good view of Mobile as we approached, and then ducked under the city via the I 10 tunnel. West of town the traffic eased and we soon found ourselves entering Mississippi where we stopped at the Welcome Center for a roadmap.

Mississippi is only seventy or so miles wide this far south so we didn't spend much time in the state. That said, we did stop and leave some $$$s in Gulfport where we topped off Carpe's propane and diesel tanks. We hadn't bought any propane since leaving RoVers Roost in April, but these cold overnites really gobble up the gas and we were down to ¼ tank.

Shortly after entering Louisiana, at Slidell, we moved to I 12 for a dozen miles or so. We exited in LA 434 to US 190 and then Fountainbleau State Park in Mandeville. Fountainbleau SP is located right on Lake Pontchartrain's north shore a few miles east of the causeway to New Orleans. We stayed here in 2008 and remember it as being very convenient.

Today's run was very pleasant with no traffic, road, or weather issues. We drove a bit over 160 miles, which is a very relaxing stretch for us. We were set up by one and spent the afternoon puttering around on and off our computers.

Tonite we'll drive to Acme Oyster House in nearby Covington for a highly anticipated dinner of oysters on the half shell. Tomorrow, Friday, we plan to drive the car to New Orleans to play tourist and treat ourselves to lunch in the French Quarter.

Fri, 27 Dec: Visiting the "Big Easy"

As anticipated, last evening we drove to Covington for a visit to the famous Acme Oyster House. We haven't been here since '08 and it is as wonderful as we recall. The oysters on the half shell are delicious and fresh as one could ask. This place definitely has earned a ★★★★★ rating.

Following breakfast this morning we took Dinkum on an adventure across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. This causeway, 23+ miles in length, connects the north shore with New Orleans. It cost $3 toll round trip and was a very interesting drive.

We arrived in New Orleans and found a parking lot not too far from the French Quarter. We walked along the riverfront and then Canal Street to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. This is our first post-hurricane visit and the only difference we noticed is it seems a bit cleaner and less seedier.

We had an early lunch at Le Bayou restaurant where we both had authentic Gumbo and more oysters. When in Rome... Back across the causeway before Friday afternoon/evening rush hour. An enjoyable visit to the "Big Easy" that'll sate our appetite for a quick return. Big cities are big cities!

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