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Sun trying to break thru clouds as we pass Lubbock

Glad the storm has passed ahead of us!

Every small town had a grain elevator or three

Lots of farms growing grain for the elevators & hay


Lots of big dairy farms, too

Obviously some cotton farming in this area

We had never seen so many trains as around Clovis, NM

Moving into the NM desert

Where there is water, the desert turns green



A highway thru the high desert

Look at the wildflowers blooming!

Can't imagine living on that ranch!

A storm off in the distance as we approach Albuquerque

The pivot irrigation seen in background makes this green



View as we head down into Albuquerque

We were blessed with staying out of the storms around us yesterday, but we did have to deal with the wind those storms created. We had a head wind most of the time so expect our mileage to be around 7 mph when we fill up. It was in the 60s when we left Slaton & it was 56 & windy when we arrived at Enchanted Trails RV Park in Albuquerque. We had to grab sweatshirts as soon as we got out of the truck!

The terrain changed alot again. We went from agriculture & oil to desert with a little agriculture with the assistance of pivot irrigation systems. We also went from flat land to mountains. It's amazing how far we can go in 1 day these days! We normally try to stay under 250 miles a day but decided to go from Fredericksburg to Albuquerque in just 2 days so we went 325-350 each day. And we're not too tired!

It was 30 when we woke up this morning! And it's only supposed to be in the high 60s this week. Quite a change from the past 2 months on the Gulf Coast & in Fredericksburg. The real shock will be when we go on up to South Fork, CO, on Thursday - it's snowing there now!

It's a beautiful sunny day today & is supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow so we're looking forward to enjoying Albuquerque & Santa Fe again. More later...

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