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We left our Calgary area campground about 7:30am, determined to be in the USA today. We knew we had to get thru Calgary during rush hour, but were glad to do it early when I am the freshest. We also knew of a bypass that promised to make the going easier than staying on the Canadian Highway thru the city. With that in mind, I decided to find a station close to the highway, and get gas. As we went along we watched for one close by and finally saw a sign for gas at an exit. What happened next is the most unusual happening that we experienced on the whole trip. I must have taken a wrong turn at the stop sign at the end of the exit, because we soon found ourselves on a narrow 2 lane road in the boonies so to speak, looking for a place to turn around with our camper in tow. It wouldn't be fun to back up for two miles! We continued on hoping for such a place and ahead of us about a half mile we noticed pulling out of a driveway a Leisure Travel Class B RV just like Rod & Joanne's. We continued on towards them as they had pulled over for some reason, and as we got real close.......guess what! Number 12, Rod & Joanne!!! What a coincidence! The driveway they had pulled out of was an RV park where they had spent the night, so obviously, we could turn around in there and head back to the highway. We chatted with them at the juncture for a few minutes, and both pulled away. They waited down the road for us to turn around so we could chat a bit more, but both wanted to continue on our way to the USA tday, so we didn't talk very long. How lucky was that? What made me take a wrong turn? Dunno!! We made it to the US customs about noon or so, and it took about 30 minutes with 3 lines to get thru. We weren't challenged about anything, just a cheerful "Welcome back to the United States"! (Rod told me later that they were about 3-4 cars behind us at customs, even though they had stopped for breakfast near Calgary.) We made it to the KOA at Great Falls, Mt where they have the best rest rooms and showers anywhere, even home! It was great to have real Internet service, ice cream and reasonable prices again. We worked on the blog some, had a breakfast meal for dinner, and just relaxed knowing we were closer to home, and could see the end in sight.

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