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August 23 – Day 61 – Petit Rocher to Saint Louis de Kent

K’s 154

Time 6h 15m

Average speed: 24.55k/H

T to d 6740

The day started with Jane deciding to ride in the truck to at least the Miramichi Bridge before she tested her back on the bike. Terri, Fred and I hit the road intending to follow the route via the busier highway. That worked to Bathurst and it was a nice ride through many little villages along the Atlantic coast. In Bathurst we missed a turn and ended up back on the highway but it was a good ride all the way to the Miramichi Bridge where Jane was indeed waiting for us. She rode well all the rest of the way to camp, about 50 k and managed very well but we could tell she was sore.

As we approached our turn off of highway #11 we saw a sign we all thought we saw a sign that said “homemade ice cream”. We decided to go try it out. Good thing we did as that was our turn that we would have missed as the sign for route 134 could not be seen from the highway. Funny part was when we got to the place with the “homemade ice cream” the freezer by the road read “homemade ice” $2.00 a pack. So no ice cream but we were on the right road and found camp a few k’s after the turn.

This camp turned out to be one of the best with great facilities close to the tenting area and a nice little store. Mosquitoes were the issue as with all the rain here they were in abundance and simple tried to eat all of us alive!

This was to be my last day on cook crew and Fred and Jane’s as well. Cold, precooked lobster (fresh but cooked earlier in the day) were provided so we had only to prepare a rice and veg dish for the non-lobster eaters and rice for everyone along with a bean salad. Aurelie, our lovely young lady from Austria and our wonderful cook prepared “banana’s flambé” for desert to go along with cookies from a team member and more cookies from another team members family.

A surprise arrived just before dinner when Terri’s Uncle Butch and cousin Jenny arrived in their camper van with fresh peas for Terri. Good to see them and Sister Dee Dee enjoyed visiting with her brother Butch.

Another coldish night with rain threatening but nothing over night

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