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Winnie, TX - Larry's Old Time Trade Days - Site 9

Winnie, TX - Larry's Old Time Trade Days - Site 9, another...

One of many, many lanes of the flea market

It was a hard, boring 273 mile trip along I-10 to Winnie, TX on Thursday. The road was absolutely horrible most of the way across LA. Even though the new Mothership has air bags, the ride was very rough. There was a good bit of wind across us from the South as well. A heavier coach made it easier but not easy. I think we might as well get used to the wind as it will be very normal from now on.

We are staying at Larry's Old Time Trade Days in Winnie, TX. Odds are you have never heard of either of them. I know we hadn't. They have two sections to the campground. The area we are in has 13 narrow sites for travelers and they have another section a hundred or so yards away that has quite a few seasonals in it. As you can see from the pictures, there are few amenities, just the full hookups, not even a table. This was actually our third choice of somewhere to stay. Winnie is about half way to San Antonio so it is where we wanted to stay but there wasn't a lot of campgrounds in the area and most were full.

As it turns out Larry's is the home of a once a month flea market with vendors from all over the area. And, you guessed it, this weekend is the one weekend a month for the flea market. We checked in about 3:00 p.m. and a few were setting up. We stayed in the coach once set up and were amazed at the number of vendors when we stepped out of the coach this morning. It took us four hours to walk the entire market, and yes, we managed to leave our own little bit of economic stimulus in East Texas.

Tomorrow we head for a Corp of Engineer campground on Canyon Lake a few miles North of San Antonio. Right now we are just hoping this budget mess doesn't close that campground since we have a five day reservation. We will just have to wait and see. Hopefully the road will be better.

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