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Not far from Abiquiu.

Remnants of old church.

Almost there.



This was actually past Abiquiu a little ways.



We had a little company.


This was a rather quaint Inn and restaurant. The Georgia O'Keefe office...

One of the local buildings in the town of Abiquiu.

Back of the Abiquiu church.

Front of church.





Just an old building at Abiquiu. This may have been the challenge...

Just a picture.

Camel Rock. A little north of Santa Fe.


Just another picture.

A Little More Culture.

Well, I’ll say one thing, my understanding and appreciation of Georgia O’Keefe has certainly improved over the past couple of days.

Another highlight of Terri’s trip was to visit the home of Georgia O’Keefe at Abiquiu. Georgia actually had two homes in the area – one at Abiquiu and one at Ghost Ranch – about 15 miles further up the road. The Ghost Ranch home was not open to the public. So we were able to fit in a tour of the Abiquiu home bright and early this morning. The hour long tours are given five times a day. However, they do not allow cameras, backpacks, purses, bags or cell phones on the property, so there are no pictures of this.

The home had been owned previously by the Church, and it took Georgia about 10 years to finally acquire the property, once she decided she wanted it. The next three years were spent restoring the 18th-century structure, which was in near ruin. The home sits on a bluff at Abiquiu with a nearly 180 degree view of the mountains and landscape to the North. The tour was quite intriguing, and yes, I even enjoyed it.

Following the tour, Terri and I drove a few miles up the road to take in the surrounding landscape, and to get a few more pictures of the area. We also drove up into the little community of Abiquiu for a closer look.

After this, we went back to Santa Fe, gathered her things, and drove back to Albuquerque for her flight out. We had a nice lunch in Old Town, and tried to find a park near the Rio Grande to kill a little time, but didn’t have much luck, as we had trouble reading the map, and the Rio Grande didn’t look all that appealing anyway.

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