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Hope, BC - Othello Tunnels Campground - Site 7

View from our site to the north

View from our site to the northeast

View from our site to the northwest

View from our site to the southwest

Closer look at the snow on the mountain behind our campground

The Coquihalla River across the street from our campground

The Coquihalla River looking into the sun. Notice some rapids

Minter Gardens 1

Minter Gardens 2

Minter Gardens 3

Minter Gardens 4

Minter Gardens 5

Minter Gardens 6

Minter Gardens 7

Minter Gardens 8

Minter Gardens 9

Minter Gardens 10

Minter Gardens 11

Minter Gardens 12

Minter Gardens 13

Minter Gardens 14

Minter Gardens 15

Minter Gardens 16

Minter Gardens 17

Minter Gardens 18

Minter Gardens 19

Minter Gardens 20

Minter Gardens 21

Minter Gardens 22

Minter Gardens 23

Minter Gardens 24

Minter Gardens 25

Minter Gardens 26

Minter Gardens 27

Minter Gardens 28 - baby pine cones

Minter Gardens 29

Minter Gardens 30

Othello Tunnel #1

Othello Tunnel #2

Othello Tunnel #3

Coquihalla River Gorge

The water is really moving through this gorge. I can't imagine it...

Othello Tunnel #4

Another part of the gorge - this thing don't look it but...

A good look at the height of the gorge

Small town atmosphere below the mountains

Did I say small town - One showing a day

Chainsaw Carvings - Bear and Cubs

Chainsaw Carvings - Cougar and Dog

Chainsaw Carvings - Foxes

Chainsaw Carvings - Grizzly

Chainsaw Carvings - Mountain Sheep

Chainsaw Carvings - Royal Mounty Police dog

Chainsaw Carvings - Wolves

Our trip over to Hope, BC was very nice once we got out of the traffic just east of Vancouver. We managed to fill the gas tank, getting 222.649 liters at $1.042 CDN per liter. That works out to 58.82 gallons at $3.378 US per gallon. We also got the propane tank filled, getting 49.316 liters at $.62 CDN per liter. That works out to 13.03 gallons at $2.039 per gallon. What's different in Canada is that the propane is filled at a pump just like the gas pumps and is right next to them, just like a diesel pump is. As you can see it is really fun converting metric to US and then factoring in the exchange rates! Our campground is day and night from our last one. It is of decent size and the surrounding area is very mountainous. We can see snow on some mountain peaks right from our camp site. Even though we are surrounded by close mountains, I was still able to get satellite quickly, we have decent cell service and the campground has free WiFi. I'm lovin' it!!

We stopped at Minter Gardens on the way here. They had plenty of parking so we had plenty of room to park the mothership and leave Libby attached. It was about 50 kilometers (or 31 miles) west of the campground so that saved us quite a bit of time instead of going back to it after getting here. Again I have uploaded several pictures. Most are of them are Rhododendrons instead of tulips but they also had many, many tulips. I refrained from too many pictures of them but I did include a few. The garden was very nice but didn't compare with Butchart but then not many could.

Today is Monday which is also Victoria Day here in Canada, a holiday similar to our Memorial Day, kicking off the summer. You could tell it as everywhere we went there were large crowds you don't normally see this time of year. This morning we went to the Othello Tunnels which is about a three mile hike from the campground, round-trip. There are four tunnels that were completed in 1915 that went through the cliffs of Coquihalla Canyon and are a real engineering feat, especially considering it was done a hundred years ago. The Coquihalla River narrows to about a 100 feet through the gorge making up the canyon at that point and the tunnels helped the railroad span this gorge twice in addition to going through the mountain.

This afternoon we went into Hope to see it. Most of you have seen it, even if you don't know it. Both Rambo and First Blood were filmed here. It is a small town with that small town feel. Throughout the town are chainsaw carvings that are really remarkable. I have included pictures of just a few of the 67 that the town has on display. We also ate lunch at one of the local restaurants. The cost of living is a lot higher in Canada than the USA. I had a bacon cheeseburger and Doris had liver and onions. The bill, including tip, was $32 CDN or about $28.80 US. This wasn't fine dining, but reminded me of the Country Cabin at the end of College Drive in its atmosphere and offerings. One of the unique things was that Cole Slaw was a side on almost every meal, not just seafood. It came with Doris' liver and onions but she said it was good.

Tomorrow we will break camp early and head north to Lac la Hache, BC, about half way to Prince George, a fourth of the way to Prince Rupert. It will be about a five-hour trip through what is supposed to be some very scenic areas.

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